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What our Clients are saying

These comments were taken from exit surveys that new clients fill out before they leave the center. Ninety percent of our clients recently rated the center's overall performance as "excellent" while ten percent said it was "good". One hundred percent of our clients surveyed stated that they would recommend the Pregnancy Center to a friend. Here are some of the responses they gave:

What did you like best about this center?

"The classes are educational and the people are so easy to talk to."
26 year old client with husband in jail

"I did not feel judged"
19 year old single mom

"You guys took the time to help me."
31 year old single father

"The helpful resources"
20 year old client after a positive test

"The time taken to give me a chance to talk and to educate me."
25 year old client pregnant for the first time

"All the positivity, helpful input, and the baby booties" -
23 years old after positive pregnancy test

"Being able to talk to someone."
28 year old client considering abortion

"I feel comfortable talking about things I could not tell others."
22 year old single client after positive test

"Learning about the classes and points for baby stuff."
Engaged 29 year old client

"The house is beautiful and Sheila was very friendly."
29 year old client after a positive test

"Very helpful, answered questions I didn't know I had. Very nice and respectful."
24 year old single client after positive test

"Makes you feel at home and very nice and caring people."
25 year old mother of a preemie

"The information provided and the kind people."
21 year old after her positive test

"Open, friendly, respectful, helpful, clean."
30 year old client after a positive test

"Down to earth and very sweet."
31 year old positive test client
Our clients consistently answered the question, "How could we be more helpful?" with comments like "I can't think of anything," "Stay the same, very nice and helpful" and "Couldn't."